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The newest Control System invented by Messer is the "Global Control". It enables you to enter a new dimension in plate processing and by using unique features, it can help you reduce the downtime and increase your output.

Running on the architecture makes it possible to connect the machine to your company-wide intranet. Remote access of machine information and easy data capture are new features of Global Control.

Virtual Service is a new and unique feature. It allows our team of experts to remotely diagnose many problems that, in the past, would have required a technician on-site. Through the use of your internet connection, it is possible to build a safe, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between your Global Control System and our diagnosis server. After establishing the connection, we are able to view the same data being displayed to the operator back at our facility. Now through the vast amount of diagnostic information in the Global Control, including an on-board oscilloscope, we can perform remote troubleshooting and updates to your software as necessary. Through this feature we can often solve occasional problems within a few hours. Instead of having expensive downtimes, you can now restart your production nearly without delay.

General Information:
The Human Machine Interface (HMI) based on the newest technology from Microsoft: Microsoft.Net. This enables:

  • Remote access of machine information

  • Data capture

  • HMI adapts the screen automatically to the process status

  • Automatic guidance by the HMI when preparing the process

  • Hand wheel support when editing parameters

  • Virtual Keyboard or optimized keyboard depending on the input data

  • Graphical editing of NC-Programs possible

  • Integration of standard software components from Messer possible - Nesting, Macros etc.

Advantages for our customers:

  • Modern reliable technology

  • High precision

  • Insensitive to interferences

  • Modern operating system enables easy integration into a network

  • Modular structure enables easy retrofitting

  • Messer own Development enables optimized Processes and customized adaptations

  • Modern design increases the acceptance of the operator

  • The easy to use HMI enables a short training phase

  • Fast operation with fewer errors due to input support and additional help in the HMI

  • Dynamical Override optimizes the result of cutting

  • Upward compatibility makes the machine open to future software versions

Technical features:

  • 15" TFT Touch screen

  • Windows XP

  • HMI based on Microsoft .Net Technology

  • Pentium IV 2,4 GHz

  • 512 MB RAM

  • 40 GB Hard drive

  • AGP graphic card

  • Network connection possible

  • 100000 I/Os

  • 32 interpolated Axis

  • 255 PLC controlled Axis

  • Size of a NC-program: limited to the available hard drive capacity

  • Number of NC-programs: corresponding to the limitation of the operating system

  • Light bus for signal transmission

  • Floppy disc

  • Joystick with 8 positions

  • Dynamical Hand Wheel / Speed Override

  • ESSI/DIN/EIA Format

Global Control - S

Operator interface:
Intuitve operator interface-e.g. here the process-database with graphic consumable display-saves tedious searching in and for cutting tables

Technical data:

  • Industrial-pc

  • Operating system Windows XP embedded

  • Microsoft.Net technology

  • 15"TFT colour touch-screen

  • Processor Celeron M 1.5CHZ,passive cooling

  • Hard drive 40GB

  • USB 2 port

  • 2 Ethernet ports 100 M baud

  • Parallel data input Yes

  • Input formats DIN/ESSI/EIA

  • Graphical editor Yes

  • Bus system EtherCAT

  • Integrated USV Function

Omniwin 2013 Software

EasyCut ®
The EasyCut control system represents our advanced level control system. Featuring a graphical user interface for facile cutting code editing.

Technical features:

  • Windows XP 12.1" TFT Screen.

  • CPU P4 2.0G

  • RAM: 256MB, 40GB hard disk, 1.44 Mb Floppy disk, USB.

  • 10/100M network.

  • Cutting Code edit.

  • Standard ESSI cutting code

  • Plasma torch collision.

  • Plasma cutting, corner signal output, torch hold.

  • Piercing point select.

  • Part nest, rotate and mirror both possible.

  • Dynamic graphic step in, zoom in and zoom out.

  • Plate alignment

  • Back on path, or forward on path.

  • Home to start point.

  • Machine status display by Icon.

Explorer ®

Productive trough features like:

  • Integrated support of the cutting process

  • Graphic operator interface for user friendly, error-free input

  • High performance hardware

Technologies such as:

  • Graphic Operator Interface

  • Softkeys for fast, easy input

  • Graphic editor for simple checking and correction of plans

  • Graphical display of cutting plan with zoom and pan functions

  • TFT colour graphics screen

  • Clear picture even when viewed from the side

  • Flexible communication

  • Input trough floppy disk, DNC or network

  • Flexible file structure for easy access

  • Optional Virtual Service remote diagnostics, optionally with video support

  • Soft Motion Algorithms smooth your machine path

  • Cerf Compensation on the fly

  • No waiting time for calculations before cutting

  • Context sensitive help files

  • Quick and easy access to relevant CNC documentation


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